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Ethno Rock
Chapter V is preparing a new episode at the heart of ethno rock, HEPTA, the seventh in its history.

Giving pride of place to bowed strings, it is armed with a violin and a quinton that the group once again proposes to mix traditional and current music. Focused around a rock interpretation of the terroirs of France, Europe and elsewhere, the musicians based in Corrèze begin this episode with The Last Dose, a live clip shot on the national stage of Aubusson and available on August 27, announcing the color of the continuation of this musical adventure in perpetual search for authenticity and originality.

The album HEPTA, will be released in November, to follow on the networks to discover the next events!

Line up: Hugo Bernart (Bass) Julien Boisserie (Drums) Nathalie de Rancourt (Violin) Virgile Lorenzini (Guitar) Clara Ponsinet (Violin) David Rother (Vocals)

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