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Festive celtic rock
« Rien ne sert de courir… » (There’s no point in running). Since the band’s first steps into the world of music, they have been determined and filled with a passion to pursue their dream, no matter the distance.

12 years later, the path to which they had committed themselves took them from recording, to concerts, to horizons beyond their imagination. Their hard-work has paid off, the fruits of their labour can been seen and heard. Ready and kicking, with confidence and an authentic identity, they present themself with the utmost sincerity.

Since their first stage performances, they have been noted for their energy and their generosity ; captivating their growing fan-base. After the early beginnings, they recorded their first opus «Rien ne sert de courir». Following this 3 studio albums, « 40èmes rugissants », « Manufacture du Temps », « Ouvrage du cœur » and « EPSYLON LIVE », the latter being recorded in public on April 15, 2017, with which they confirmed their professionalism and talent to the new generation of national and international stages, with more than 500 concerts to their credit (China, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Kuwait, Kazakhstan…).

In 2019, « Astronaute » the 5th studio album was released. It also marked the way for a remarkable career without scandal nor fuss. This is a new album which demonstrates their assurance of Celtic rock, where they have found a respected and unique place. For 12 years already they have been progressing tirelessly towards the stars, without being afraid of questioning, with new musicians, new challenges, inspiration and an ever-renewed mastery of sound.

A repertoire and stage performances constantly evolving, with songs that come to life on tour. From now on, EPSYLON is no longer the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet, but a name in capital letters which asserts itself on recordings to the stage in the alphabet of the Rock scene.

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