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MAGENSTRIA : The Return!

After more than 200 concert dates, 1 album (3000 copies sold), 2 EPs and 7 years of break…
The MAGENSTRIA Group is back on stage with its soaring and captivating rock.

The Touraine quartet offers an immersive show, which takes on its full meaning in the interaction with the public. Each concert is then a big party where we sing, dance, applaud :
Discover the contagious passion of MAGENSTRIA !

The Group has already visited: Fête de l’Huma (93), Terre du Son (37), Yzeures’n’Rock (37), Les Courants (37), Les Arts s’en mingling (85), Mots Zik Sous les Pins (56), Festiv’ Arcandiers (18), Celtival (44), Breizh Folies (44), etc.
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